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Photos of my artworks and drawings

Sister Bond(age)

The lovely ladies at the Clothing Coven asked me recently to do some artwork of photos taken for Zana Bayne,¬†the mastermind behind a line of bold, bondage-style accessories. Tallulah & her sisters are big fans of the label and felt that drawings as well as photos would be effective for the post, and so here’s the resulting artwork.

Full article by Tallulah Willis & the photos can be found on the Clothing Coven here.





All original artwork copyright Elise Nielsen 2014.

The Clothing Coven

Two artworks I did for Samantha Bass’s ¬†article on the Clothing Coven, a fashion/beauty blog run by Mallory Llewellyn and Tallulah Willis.




I’ve been a fan of their blog for ages and was stoked to have Mallory ask me to do artwork for their posts, so this was really cool for me. Check out the article in the link above!


All images copyright Elise Nielsen 2014



“Got Damn”

I call this "Got Damn", because it popped into my head while looking at her facial expression.
I call this “Got Damn”, because it popped into my head while looking at her facial expression.

A recent biro drawing of mine. No real story behind it, I just liked the reference photo. This was done on a piece of A4 printer paper that looked dodgy as hell, but someone still bought it, so I guess it’s alright.

Click the photo to enlarge.
Copyright Elise Nielsen 2014