Life Update 18/7/14

I haven’t posted on here in a few weeks, mostly because I don’t own a laptop and I’d rather scrape my eyeballs out than use the home computer, and partly because I got a new job which takes up the majority of my time. I have, in fact, still been doing my shit (drawing pretty pictures, taking funky photos) but considering I’m fairly sure no one looks at this website anyway I haven’t had the motivation to update it.

ANYWAY just in case some of you do follow this thang, my most recent published work has been on the Clothing Coven in a few articles –

“Shopaholics Anonymous” by Tallulah Willis


“The Elevator Rockstar” by Mallory Llewellyn


“NormCORE or NormCRUST?” by Mallory Llewellyn


and most recently,

“The Chic Walk of Shame” by Tallulah Willis

image-51 image-52

All images copyright Elise Nielsen 2014.

Check out the articles & the Clothing Coven website, and stay tuned for a couple pieces & commissions I’m working on at the moment!

Feedback is always appreciated.