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10 June 2014 – Sheep

It is the day before my birthday and I’ve been thinking a lot (as usual) about life, namely how far I’ve come since this day one year ago. ┬áSo much has happened in a year – since this time a year ago I’ve been to Cambodia/Thailand/Malaysia/Singapore for a month, dropped my asshole ex boyfriend and a bunch of bad friends, and made new experiences with some wonderful people. I always find myself thinking about how different my mindset is now to the way it was back then, and how every experience has shaped me as a person.

Which led me to thinking about other people’s mindsets, and the way they think about things. Pretty much my whole life I’ve hated conforming, and hated being the way people expect me to be, I guess that’s just a personality trait. To me, being the same as everyone else is something I despise. Too many people in this world are followers, sheep, who are afraid of what other people think of them, and to me that’s really sad. I don’t know what people are like in other parts of the world, but where I am from, the Gold Coast, is full of people who all try to be like each other, and do everything for the approval of others. The other day I was walking down the street with one of my best friends and I passed an attractive boy. It got me thinking about how, in movies, if someone was interested in someone else, say a stranger, they might stop them and start a conversation. But in reality, no one would even think to stop and talk to that person, strike up a conversation about anything, for fear of rejection. You could be walking past your soulmate or someone who had the potential to be your best friend, even someone who could give you advice that you would remember for the rest of your life, but you miss that opportunity for fear of putting yourself out there.

It’s the same for the internet, too. People always comment on how often I post on Instagram (I post like 5 times a day), saying something like, “You post so much!” To me that’s weird. Why shouldn’t I post so much? If I take a cool picture of something I’ll upload it without thinking. If I take two cool pictures I’ll post them both and I don’t see anything wrong with that. But I know people who plan when they’re going to post something, and ensure they only post once a day/every two days/etc. They make sure the photo is perfectly filtered, cropped, to suit their page, they ask “Should I post this?” to their friends, they make sure it has a good caption. When did the opinions of complete randoms on the internet become so important? Why shouldn’t you post whenever you want? My guess is that people ‘don’t want to be annoying’ or fear what people will think. They’ll post two photos in a day and say “Sorry for spam”. I don’t get that. Why not post two photos a day? Why not post five? Ten? Who cares what people think, it’s your Instagram. Again, I think it comes down to people being afraid to put themselves out there for fear of what people will think or say.

So I guess what I’m saying with this post is that too many people are afraid of putting themselves out there, when there’s really no need. Because at the end of the day, the only peoples’ opinions that matter are your own, and those of the people you care about, who most likely don’t give a fuck how many times a day you post on Instagram. So next time you see an attractive person on the street, say hi to them and ask them how their day is going. Next time you take a cool picture, just post it. The world doesn’t need any more sheep.